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» DeTOURE Introduction
Delivering Therapeutic Outcomes, Utilization, Research, and Education.

» AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) Abstract Number PRR-095
Transdermal pain creams attenuate pain, improve quality of life, and reduce oral pain medication use in a population of 65 years old and older chronic pain sufferers.

» APS (American Pain Society) Abstract Number 123
The development of an IRB approved integrative model to improve pain management.

» APS (American Pain Society) Abstract Number 483
Transdermal pain creams attenuate pain in military (TRICARE) chronic pain patients.

» APS (American Pain Society) Abstract Number 486
Customized transdermal pain cream reduced pain and improved quality of life.

» WIP (World Institute of Pain) Abstract Number 541
Non-systemic transdermal (NST) pain therapy reduced pain, improved quality of life, and reduced opiate use in chronic pain patients.

» AMCP Abstract Gold Winner
AMCP Gold medal winning abstract written by Tino Unlap, PhD.

» Value of Treating Pain Peripherally (White Paper)

The relevance of the periphery in pain management and the value of compounded topical therapeutic solutions.

» Opioid Use and Poor Health Consequences (White Paper)
Recognized health trends and consequences of opiate use within the United States.